Arizona/NASA Space Grant Success Stories

Support Space Grant Intern Rodriguez's STEM enterprise Xplore BoX!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Rebeca Rodriguez, a FY 2005 Space Grant Intern, has started a new business, Xplore BoX, to engage kids in all things STEM!  She needs our help!  Click on the following link, watch the video that explains her business, and then vote for Rebeca!  She has a chance to win $50K  through venture madness to help build her company if she wins the vote competition!

Rebeca says, “We need your support! My startup, Xplore BoX, is part of Venture Madness a head-to-head business competition featuring 64 companies. We will be facing off against other companies and competing for $50,000. Vote for us starting today at
Support hands-on science, tech, engineering, and math projects for kids!”