Science Journalism & Technical Writing

Science Journalism & Technical Writing NASA promotes quality scientific journalism and technical writing. Of particular importance in journalism are scientific accuracy, initiative, originality, clarity of interpretation and value in fostering a better understanding of science by the public. Internally, one of NASA's primary functions is the dissemination of research results to the scientific community, writing reports that are both technically correct and easy to read. Equally important is the translation of highly technical information into forms that are accessible to non-experts. In Arizona there are numerous opportunities to gain experience in scientific journalism and technical writing. A Space Grant internship may provide an opportunity for you to get obtain experience in this area.

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  • Reporting on innovations in science, engineering and technology for a newspaper?
  • Transforming research reports into publicly accessible press releases?
  • Writing safety documentation for Space Shuttle experiments?
  • Designing and writing the content for the Gamma-ray spectrometer website?
  • Designing an “Ask the expert!” online, smart-searchable science database?
  • Making quantum mechanics accessible outside the field of physics?
  • Designing and writing content for the Hubble’s Universe of Galaxies website?
  • Writing and editing technical documentation for space missions?
  • Evaluating ethics in scientific journalism?
  • Planning and conducting mission preparation and launch?