Success Stories

Former Space Grant Intern, Chris Lewicki, Leads Planetary Resources to First Launch

Planetary Resources, a company headed by 1993 Space Grant Intern, Chris Lewicki, is taking its first steps towards mining asteroids by setting its launch for October 24th. The satellite will take the opportunity to test the company's software and hardware models. The next step will be to launch a larger satellite in 2015 with on-board camera and telescope.

First step toward asteroid mining: Planetary Resources set to launch test satellite
Space Grant ASCEND! Team

Space Grant ASCEND! Team

Teams from UA, ASU, ERAU, SMCC, PCC and GCC celebrate the 16th successful launch and recovery of the AZSGC ASCEND! (BalloonSat) Program on November 23, 2013.

UA's First Associate Director and Long Time Mentor Chris Impey Receives $1M Grant

Space Grant Mentor Chris Impey Receives $1M Grant

Congratulations to Space Grant Mentor, Chris Impey, for receiving a $1 million grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute to support him in improving education for undergraduates. Dr. Impey is the first astronomer and UA professor to receive this prestigious award that will help him explore new ideas and create new initiatives in online education.

Astronomy Professor Chris Impey Given $1M Grant to Improve Science Education for Undergrads
Space Grant Managers and Students Attend "Desert Moon" Premier at Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center

Space Grant Managers and Students Attend "Desert Moon" Premier at Flandrau Planetarium and Science Center

A wonderful evening at the premiere of "Desert Moon," created by FY 2013 UA/NASA Space Grant Graduate Fellow Jason Davis, and narrated by retired astronaut Mark Kelly. It was an inspirational and long-overdue opportunity to pay homage to Ewen Whitaker, Robert Strom, and to other renowned UA planetary scientists past and present, who played such key roles (unknown and/or forgotten by many of us) in mankind's race to the moon! And what an honor to share the event with Mark Kelly, Gabrielle Giffords, and so many great friends and colleagues! Thank you and congratulations for a fabulous historical documentary, and an unforgettable night, Jason!

UA Space Grant Graduate Fellow Jason Davis' "Desert Moon" Video Premiers in June 2014

Space Grant Fellow Jason Davis Premiers "Desert Moon"

A new documentary tells the story of how the University of Arizona's Lunar and Planetary Lab was founded and its groundbreaking work that helped the U.S. win the space race. FY2013 Space Grant Fellow Jason Davis explores this rich history of UA's involvement in the moon landings in his film, Desert Moon. Check it out!

Documentary Explores How the UA Helped Land a Man on the Moon
Space Grant Mentor Ken Johns Receives Prestigious Award

Space Grant Mentor Ken Johns Receives Prestigious Award

Congratulations to UA professor and Space Grant mentor, Dr. Ken Johns, for being the recipient of the Professor Leon and Pauline Blitzer Award for Excellence in the Teaching of Physics and Related Sciences! Dr. Johns is a physicist working on the ATLAS experiment at the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

UA Physicist to Deliver Blitzer Award Lecture: The Higgs Boson and Beyond
UA Space Grant Associate Director Barron Orr Picked for UN Panel that will Translate the Science of Desertification into Potential Policy Changes!

Space Grant Associate Director Barron Orr Picked for UN Panel

Congratulations to Dr. Barron Orr, Arizona Space Grant Associate Director, who was chosen as a member of a United Nations panel that will translate the science of desertification into potential policy changes! The U.N. has sought to achieve a land-degradation-neutral world and has called upon 20 different scientists from around the world, of which Dr. Orr is the only U.S. member of the Science-Policy Interface of the U.N.'s Convention to Combat Desertification.

UA Prof Picked for UN Panel That Will Translate Arid Lands Science Into Policy
Space Grant Intern John Hottenstein's Presentation Places 1st!

Space Grant Intern John Hottenstein's Presentation Places 1st!

Congratulations to FY 2012 Space Grant Intern and FY 2013 Space Grant Intern Advisor, John Hottenstein, for his presentation, "Complex Response of Grassland Soil Moisture to Extreme Precipitation Patterns", at the 2014 AMS Annual meeting! John's presentation was selected as the 1st place poster presentation among student entries in the 28th Conference on Hydrology. The award is presented by the Hydrology committee of American Meteorological Society.

Congratulations to Leah Edwards for Winning a 2014 Pillars of Excellence Award!

Congratulations to FY2012 Space Grant Intern and FY2013 Space Grant Intern Advisor, Leah Edwards, who has been honored with a Pillars of Excellence Award! The Pillars of Excellence is awarded to students and alumni at the University of Arizona who exhibit academic excellence and contribute to their field and to the university. The students and alumni are selected through the University of Arizona Honors College.

Support Space Grant Intern Rodriguez's STEM enterprise Xplore BoX!

Rebeca Rodriguez, a FY 2005 Space Grant Intern, has started a new business, Xplore BoX, to engage kids in all things STEM!  She needs our help!  Click on the following link, watch the video that explains her business, and then vote for Rebeca!  She has a chance to win $50K  through venture madness to help build her company if she wins the vote competition!

Rebeca says, “We need your support! My startup, Xplore BoX, is part of Venture Madness a head-to-head business competition featuring 64 companies. We will be facing off against other companies and competing for $50,000. Vote for us starting today at
Support hands-on science, tech, engineering, and math projects for kids!”