FY 2018-19 Space Grant Awardee Degree Completion Form

Undergraduate Research Internship Program
Degree Completion Form

FY 2018-19: August 2018 - May 2019

All Arizona/NASA Space Grant students awarded and successfully completing Undergraduate Research Internships and/or Graduate Fellowships are eligible to receive custom-made Arizona/NASA Space Grant sashes to wear at university graduation ceremonies. These sashes are our way of saying, “Congratulations!” and to promote your NASA Space Grant achievements to our greater university communities, friends, and families. The short form used to apply for a sash also helps us track your anticipated "next steps" after completing your degree programs, including working towards additional academic degrees, entering the workforce, etc.

To be eligible to receive a Space Grant graduation sash, you must (1) file for your degree candidacy at your university, and (2) complete/submit this web form. (This form is to be completed the semester you plan to graduate and not before.)

Undergraduates graduating the same year as their Research Internship will receive sashes at an award ceremony held at the Arizona Statewide Symposium banquet event. Students completing degrees in years subsequent to their Space Grant awards and all Graduate Fellows may arrange to pick-up sashes at their campus’ Space Grant office before their graduation date that semester.

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