UA Graduate Fellowship Alumni

The University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant Fellowship Alumni are sorted by last name.

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Last Name First Name SG Year Department Degree(s) Grad Date Workforce Placement
Abraham Joseph S. 2004 GEOG PhD GEOG 12/06 Willamette University; UA: Director Office of Sustainability; EPA at the region 9 office (Air Quality Division) as a "cartographer" (GIS, visualization)
Adams David 1997, 1998  ATMO PhD ATMO 8/03 Scripps Institution of Oceanography, Center for Atmospheric Sciences
Adams Danielle 2015 Middle Eastern & North African Studies PhD MES and NAS 05/18 Alicat Scientific
Adams Tasha 2018 OPTI      
Alberding Jonathan 1999, 2000 BioMedical Eng PhD BMEG 8/04 Post-Doc in AZ Research Labs Microcirculation Division
Amelin Anders 1991 PTYS      
Balukas Denise 2014 ATMO MS ATMO 09/15 Cooperative Institute for Mesoscale Meteorological Studies (CIMMS)
Bayley Timothy 2010, 2011 HWR PhD HWR 05/09 Montgomery & Associates, Hydrogeologist
Baynes Cayla 2014, 2013 BME      
Bergevin Jenna 2015 Physics MS PHYS 08/17 NP Photonics 
Bergmeier Gene 1994 AME MS AEE 8/97 Lockheed-Martin, CO 
Beyer Ross 1999 PTYS PhD PLTY 8/04 NASA Ames Postdoc
Blainey Joan 2003, 2004 HWR PhD HYD 5/08 USGS
Blanchard Jeff 1996, 1997 AME MS MEE 5/98 Raytheon
Blasch Kyle 2000, 2001 HWR PhD HYDR 12/03 USGS
Borden Michael 2008, 2009 ASTR, OPTI MS OPTI 05/11 NASA JPL; NOAA among others after thesis complete
Bradley Christine 2015 OPTI UA PHD OPTI 05/17 NASA JPL
Bramson Ali 2012 PLTY MS PLTY 12/15  
Brod Steve 1995, 1996 AME MS AEE  12/05 Boeing in LA
Campbell Timothy 2001, 2002 CSC MS COSC 5/03 Raytheon Systems Eng in Guidance, Navagation and Control
Chabot Nancy 1994 PTYS PhD PLTY 12/99 Johnson Space Center (2000-01) National Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship; 2001-present, Case Western Reserve University, Senior Research Associate: Part time on the Antarctic Search for Meteorites (ANSMET) program - planning, oragnizing, and leading field teams to Antarctica.
Chen Sophia 2014, 2013 PHYS MS PHYS 05/15 WIRED Magazine (Science Writing)
Coe Michelle 2014, 2013 GEOG MA GEOG 12/15 Research Specialist, Haury Program in Environmental and Social Justice
Cohen Barb 1997 PTYS PhD PLTY 8/00 University of New Mexico, Research Assistant Professor; Hawai'i Institute of Geophysics and Planetology Postdoc; Univ of Tennessee, Postdoc Geosciences
Crimmins Michael 2002, 2003 GEOG PhD GEOG 12/04 UA Asst Prof, UA Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Crockett Richard 1991 MSE MS MEE 12/09 Lockheed-Martin, Denver, CO
Davis Jason 2013 JOUR MA JOUR 05/14 The Planetary Society
Delgado Stephen G. 2007 GEOG GISCRTG 5/10 Senior Country Manager, U.S. Agency for International Development
Diniega Serina 2005 MATH MS APPL 12/05  NASA JPL
Doser Adele 1991 AME MS ECE  5/92 Los Alamos, with post doc or company in CA; University of Texas Asst. Prof
Eatchel Andy 2002 ASTR/ECE PhD ECE 8/04 Consultant
Ellsworth Alyssa 2018 CHEM & BIOC      
Emery Josh 1995, 1996 PTYS PhD PLTY 12/02 NASA AMES 
Engelbrach Chad 1992 ASTR PhD ASTR 8/97 Steward Observatory, Assistant Astronomer 
Esman Teresa 2015 PLTY      
Fa Vuna 2006, 2007 MCB/IMB MS MBIM 5/09 Ventana Medical
Fandel Chloe 2016 HAS      
Finan Emily 2017, 2018 OPTI      
Finn Rose 1997, 1998 ASTR PhD ASTR 8/03 Sienna College, NY: Astronomy Professor; University of Massachusetts, Astronomy Dept postdoc 
Mark A 1993 PTYS     Computer software programmer in Bay Area 
Fleenor Stacy A. 2007 Atmo MS ATMO 12/07 WindLogics, Assoc. Production Scientist
Foley Theresa 2008, 2009 ATMO PhD ATMO 12/12 Post Doctoral Fellowship,  White Sands Missile Range
Frost Timothy 2018 BME      
Gardner-Vandy Kathryn 2006, 2007 PTYS UA MS PLTY 05/08 University of Tulsa, GEOS Research Scientist
Garzione Carmala 1999, 2000 GEOG MS GEOS 8/96 University of Rochester, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences, 2000
Gebhardt Martha 2016, 2017 SNRE      
Germain Marvin 1991 PHYS PhD PHYS 8/93 Boeing; US Naval Observatory
Girdner Kirstin 1990 CE MS CVE 12/91   Nursing
Harlow R. Chawn 1992 PHYS MS PHYS  8/94 Met Office, Exeter, United Kingdom; High School Science Teacher, Pima Co.
Harrington Robert 1995 HWR PhD HWR 5/97 Inyo Co., CA: Research Scientist 
Hattori Maki F 2006, 2007 PTYS MS PLTY 8/08 UA, Applications Systems Analyst
Haverland Arin C. 2007, 2008 Arid Lands, Udall Center for Studies in Public Policy PhD ALRS 12/10 UA: Post Doc ENV
Hogue Terri 1996, 1997 HWR/ISPE MS HWR 12/98 UCLA, Assistant Professor, Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Holmgren Camille 2004, 2005 GEOG PhD GEOS 8/05 Cal State University Long Beach, Geography, Asst. Professor
Hoppa Greg 1994 PTYS PhD PLTY 12/98 Raytheon, Senior Systems Engineer in Ballistic Missile Defense 
Horstman Christopher 2015 CEEM      
House Sally 2003 PTYS     National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration: Spacecraft Engineer
Howlett Isela 2014 OPTI      
Jackson Jennifer 1994 AME     U.S. Navy, Florida
Jones Mike 1993 AME MS AEE 8/96 Lockheed-Martin, Alabama
Kahn-Thornbrugh Casey C 2007, 2011, 2012 GEOG-AISES PhD GEOG 05/13 Director Natural Resources Dept, Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe; TOCC Land Grant Office of Sustainability
Keller John M  2002, 2003 PTYS PhD PLTY 12/06 Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Planetary Science Faculty 
Kempf Nicole 2001 ATMO MS ATMO 5/02 National Weather Service, Tulsa OK
Kipple Allison 1999, 2000 ECE MS ECE  12/00 NAU: EE and CS Faculty; US Army Electronic Proving Ground, Ft. Huachuca, AZ.Employeed part-time as an Electronics Engineer / Techincal Investigator at the 
Kirby Matthew 2017 PHYS      
Knierman Karen Ann 2004, 2005 ASTR MS ASTR 12/07 NSF Post-Doc ASTR ASU; Mesa Community College; ASU Mars Outreach Group
Kolivras Korine 2002,2003 GEOG PhD GEOG 8/04 Assistant Professor Geography, Virginia Tech
Kulesa Craig 1993 ASTR PhD ASTR 12/02 Steward Observatory, Assistant Staff Scientist 
Langer Robert R 1993 PHYS      
Lee Janice 2000, 2001 ASTR PhD ASTR 12/06 Carnegie Observatories, Pasadena; National Optical Astronomy Observatories
Lewicki Christopher 1997, 1998 AME MS AEE 12/00 NASA JPL
Lewis Deanna L 2009, 2010 Eller DrPH; MBA 05/18; 12/09 UA, PH PI
Lybrand Rebecca 2013 SWES PhD SWES 08/14 OSU, Asst. Prof Crop/Soil Sciences; UA Postdoctoral Research Associate
Maleszewski Chet 2010 PLTY     UA: Osiris-REx Mission
Markoff Sera B 1994 PHYS MS PHYS  12/96 Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie, Bonn, Germany 2000-2002, MIT Center for Space Research 2002-2005
Martin Crystal 1991 ASTR PhD ASTR 8/96 UC Santa Barbara (prior: STScI, Caltech)
Massieon Charles 1991 AME MS CHE 8/92 US Borax Chemical
Mau-Crimmins Theresa  2002, 2003 RNR PhD RNR 5/05 National Park Service - 2003: Ecologist for Sonoran Desert Network
Mauz Kathryn 2001, 2002 Arid Lands Resource Sciences PhD ARLR 5/06 Botanical research and consulting
Mayden Shoshana 2005, 2006 GEOG MA GEOG 12/07  
Mazzarella (Leary) Lesley 2009, 2010 ATMO MS ATMO 08/08 Writes weather and atmospheric science books for elementary school students with STEM curriculum
(McDonald) Parmar Sarah Elizabeth 2006 Agricultural Resource Economics MS AGRE 12/07 Director of Conservation at Colorado Open Lands
McGuire Roberta 2004, 2005 RNR MS WSM 12/05  
McKellar Trevor 2018 SWES      
Merrick Melissa 2010, 2011 SNRE PhD SNRE WCM 05/16 UA Wildlife Biologist
Miller Scott 1992 AME MS AE  5/92,  Rockwell then Boeing Company
Misra Ranjeev 1992 PHYS PhD PHYS 8/96 Higher Ed Faculty, Pune India
Molaro Jamie 2009 LPL PhD PLTY 05/15 NASA JPL, Post-Doc
Morrill Carrie 2000, 2001 GEOG PhD GEOS 8/02 National Center for Atmospheric Research/ASP (postdoc)
Morrison Sarah 2016 PLTY PLTY PHD 05/17 U Pennsylvania Postdoctoral Associate
Murray (Garay) Natalie 2003 ATMO MS ATMO; PhD ATMO 12/07 5/01 Tech college teacher in CA and works for Pearson Publishing
Mutz Kyle J 2007 Rehabilitation MA RHAB 5/08 Lamar University TX,  Director of Services for Students with Disabilities; Pima Community College Disability Services Program Specialists
Nakazny Kostya 2011 EDU MA EDP 05/12 Federal Reserve Board, Computer User Experience Designer; AZ Sonora Desert Museum; Consulting
Narayanan Ajay 1991 PHYS PhD PHYS 8/97 University Professor India
Nolan Peter  1991 MSE MS MSE  8/92 1995 Carbomite Company, Apache Junction, Arizona 8521
Novak Rachael M. 2007 GEOS MS GEOS 12/07 BIA, Climate Science Coordinator; EPA, Washington DC
Ong Lissa C 2012 PLTY   Transferred UWI, Madison Pima Community College, ASTR Instructor
Osborne Zoe 1992 MSE PhD MSE 5/98 Applied Materials, Santa Clara, California
Osman Ismail 2012 OSE BS OSE 5/14; 12/07 Technical Implementation Consultant EtQ;Raytheon
Pagliarulo Christopher L. 2008, 2009 MCB PhD MCB 08/11 UC Davis: Associate Director of Instruction and Assessment at iAMSTEM
Peacock Sarah 2013 PLTY MS PLTY 05/16  
Perin Jodi 2004, 2005 Center for Applied Spatial Analysis; ANTH     Pima CC Learning Center; Family Literacy Program, Pima Community College
Phillips Cynthia 1995, 1996 PTYS PhD PLTY 5/00 NASA Ames, SETI Institute 
Ramirez Monica 2010, 2011 SWES PhD SWES; BS EEB 12/12 University of Arizona (Asst. Prof. SWES), Northeastern University
Ramohalli Nikitha 2017 ECE      
Ramos (Tuttle, Blount) Seafha 2011, 2012 SNR, Sloan PhD SNRE 05/16 Humboldt State University Roulou'sik Program
Rattray Nicholas 2006, 2007 BARA PhD ANTH 05/12 UA: Adjunct Faculty
Ratts Steve 1995 AME MS AEE 8/95 Northrop Grumman; Hughes, Raytheon (1996-Hired by in Tucson)
Rech Jason 1998, 1999 GEOS PhD GEOS 12/01 Miami University, Ohio; Asst. Professor, Geology
Reed Emma 2015 GEOS MS GEOS 08/16  
Sallum Stephanie E. 2012 ASTR PHD ASTR 08/17 NSF Post-Doc UC Santa Cruz ASTR and ASTR Phys
Schaller Christian 1992 PTYS MS PTYS 5/98 UA LPL,  as an Applications Systems Analyst since 1997, Planetary Imagery
Seymour Nathaniel 1993 AME MS MEE 5/95 TRW, CA 
Shaner Andrew 2005, 2006 EDU MA ED 5/08 Lunar and Planetary Institute; High School Earth/Space Science and Physics Teacher
Shepard Christopher 2016, 2017 SWES UA: PhD SWES 05/18 U of KY, Asst. Prof. Plant and Soil Sciences
Simon Molly 2017, 2018 PLTY      
Snyder Keirith 1997, 1998 RNR PhD RNR 5/01 USDA-ARS
Sommers Pacifica N 2013, 2012 EEB PhD EEB 01/16 CU and Duke, EEB Post Doc
Stephens William 1991 AME MS ME 12/92 W.L. Gore, Miravant Medical Technology and TriVascular, Inc
Taft Brett 1992 AME MS MSE 12/92 U.S. Coast Guard
Thomas Joseph 2014 Math PhD Math 08/15 ViaSat, Inc. Data Scientist/Software Engineer
Thomas Alys C 2008 SWES MS SWES 5/09   
Toth Janos C 1991 CE PhD CVE 12/94 Enginomix Consulting and ARA Engineering, Vancouver, BC
Turnbull Maggie 1998, 1999 ASTR MS ASTR 5/02 Space Telescope Science Institute; Carnegie Institution (NASA Astrobiology Institute Post Doc Fellow)
Turner Anne 1991 ASTR PhD ASTR 5/98 Raytheon
Vaniman Brian 1992 AME MS MEE 5/95 Boeing; Rockwell in CA
Viola Donna 2014 PTYS-Trade PhD PLTY 08/17 UA LPL, Senior Research Specialist
Walters Michael 1994 ASTR resigned from UA ASTR PhD program Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory
Watkins-Hauglie Laura 1993 AME     Rockwell, CA
Weltzin Jake 1995, 1996 RNR PhD RNR 5/98 UA: Executive Director USA National Phenology Network; UA: RNR Visiting Researcher; U of Tenn at Knoxville, 1999 hired EED Faculty
Wilhelm Allison 2000, 2008 MSE PHD MSE 8/09 Materials and Electrochemcal Research Corporation
Williams Cameron 1990 PTYS MS GEOS 8/95 Michigan State University: Ctr For Global Change & Earth Observations
Wisneski Kristin 2009, 2010 Arid Lands Research MS NRS 05/11 Earn to Learn; UA: Stealth Health Program
Wygle Brian 1993 AME MS MEE 8/94 Blue Origin; Rockwell, Manned Space Systems
Zumwalt Michael 1991  PHYS MS Physics 5/92 Agilent Technologies; Psychemedics, Corp, ThermoQuest, Corp, Agilent Technologies