Arizona Space Grant Consortium Logos

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Please acknowledge any funding and support by the Arizona/NASA Space Grant Consortium by using the disclaimer found on our "Acknowledgements" page.


Arizona NASA Vertical Text

Arizona/NASA Vertical Text

Web 200x267 (72ppi)

Web 200x267 (72ppi) (color on transparent)

Web 776x1201 (color on black)

Web 200x335 (72ppi) (white on blue)

Web 200x267 (72ppi) (black on white)

Print 776x1201 (300ppi) (jpg)

Print 776x1201 (300ppi) (tif)

Print 2.54"x4.25" (eps)

Arizona NASA Vertical No Text

Arizona/NASA Vertical No Text

Web 200x284 (72ppi) (white)

Web 200x280 (72ppi) (black)

NASA Insignia Color

NASA Insignia Color

Print 300x250ppi (300ppi)

Print EPS



NASA Insignia Grayscale

NASA Insignia B&W

Print 1500X1247 (300ppi)

Print EPS



NASA Insignia Black No Background

NASA Insignia Black Line

Print 1500X1247 (300ppi)




NASA Insignia White No Background

NASA Insignia White Line

Print 1500X1247 (300ppi)