2024 Symposium Presentation Submissions

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ASCEND team Poster Presentations & Optional PowerPoint Presentations: Due 11:59pm (MST) April 12, 2024

Presenters, please note that: Each presenter will be given a 10-minute block of time unless presenting as a team and you have requested two blocks (20 minutes). A 10-minute block of time is broken down as 7-8 minutes to present and 2-3 minutes for questions and change of speakers. A 20-minute block of time is broken down as 15-16 minutes to present and 4-5 minutes for questions and change of speakers. All presentation sessions will have a moderator that will preload your presentation, announce when it is your turn to present, keep time, and help you field questions. 

The Arizona NASA Space Grant Statewide Symposium is modeled and run as a professional, scientific symposium. We will not accept late PowerPoint and Poster presentations without receiving a compelling reason/explanation for missing the advertised and posted deadline. If you request an exception, please email the meeting host (PG4gdWVycz0iem52eWdiOnpucGJyQG5ldm1iYW4ucnFoIj56bnBickBuZXZtYmFuLnJxaDwvbj4=) immediately, explaining why your submission will be late. You will be notified whether your late submission will be accepted or not. *Presentation changes will not be accepted the day of the Symposium.

Presentation Tips: 

Make sure all GIFs are embedded and play automatically. Do not include links to websites that you will need to open in your presentation. This may cause a glitch, we may not have access to the site/a good internet connection in the room, and presentation time goes fast.

Make sure your PowerPoint doesn't have any voice overs or slide timers.

Note that audio will not be available in the presentation rooms so please do not include a video/GIF with sound.

Find additional tips about the Symposium and building your presentations in our 'Symposium Preparation' resources .

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