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Arizona Space Grant Consortium loves to include student-centered stories that showcase their accomplishments towards "Arizona Space Grant goals and ideals in action." Highlight stories are updated weekly to our website and reported to NASA STEM Engagement.

Please share inspirational success stories of yourself and/or your students who have benefitted—or benefitted others through outreach activities—as the results of their participation in Arizona Space Grant programs and activities. We seek to showcase our impressive Arizona Space Grant students, researchers, mentors, and affiliate partners as they contribute to the depth and breadth of Space Grant activities happening across our state.  

Story Content

Create a short story for the website.

If applicable to the story, please include first and last names of those involved, and note their relationships to Space Grant (i.e., Undergraduate Research Intern with note of Space Grant institution and award year, Graduate Fellow with Space Grant instition and award year noted, faculty or affiliate partner mentor with Space Grant institution, noted, etc.).

If applicable, please describe outcomes and note any conference presentations, awards, publications, and media items resulting from the described activity. If your activity impacted a school(s), informal education group or club, please include their names, whether they served elementary, middle, high school, or general public audiences, any involvement of other formal or informal educators, and whether you provided any hand-outs or on-line educational materials to supplement activity learning.

Story Images

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Spotlight Image is used on the Space Grant front page. If the story is a spotlight, please include an image at least 1140px wide by 380px high.