Eclipse Ballooning Project: August 21, 2017


Learning from the Edge of Space: Footage from the AZSGC Eclipse Balloon payload camera.

Find more footage on NASA's website at 2017 Solar Eclipse Streams.


The Arizona Space Grant Consortium's (AZSGC) participation in the National Space Grant Solar Eclipse Ballooning program represented a cooperative effort between consortium members and partners Arizona Near Space Research (ANSR), Embry Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU), Arizona State University (ASU), the Prescott Astronomy Club, Glendale Community College (GCC), Phoenix College (PC) and The University of Arizona (UA), AZSGC lead institution.

ERAU team members Dakota Buckland, Jake Dennison (a PC student who has now moved into an industry position in TX), Alan Davis, and faculty member Jack Crabtree, were responsible for building, setting-up and testing the ground station and tracking system with flight-tested streaming video capability. The ground station site was established at Glendo State Park in eastern Wyoming on solar eclipse day. 

ASU's science team defined the payload’s science drivers and instruments. Team members Paul Ronquillo (a transfer student from PC to ASU), Bianca Pina (a GCC transfer student to ASU), Jefferson Flemming, and faculty member Tom Sharp, concentrated on studying and measuring atmospheric effects. They flew a Flir Duo infrared camera to image eclipse thermal effects on the ground, and measured and recorded temperature, pressure, UV, VIS and IR light sensors, luminosity, payload motion and orientation. They also provided a ground-based weather station near the launch site. 

Our ANSR partners contributed launch and recovery support, while the Prescott Astronomy Club traveled to Glendo to provide public viewings and informational sessions for the scores of people flocking to locations within and surrounding the path of totality–including Glendo.

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AZSGC ASCEND (42.493333, -104.981667) Glendo Reservoir, WY

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