FY 2019 Space Grant Internship Application Form

The University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant
Undergraduate Research Internship Program
Intern Application 2019-2020

Application Deadline: July 5, 2019 at 11:59pm

If you want to expand your universe and get paid for it too, we may have the perfect job for you in the UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Internship Program!

The University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant undergraduate research internship program is intended to provide a paid research-work experience for undergraduate students to help them develop professional/career interests or aid in developing an understanding of scientific work. Space Grant Internships provide mentored, research, research & development, science writing, science policy, or science education experiences. They provide undergraduates exploring career options the opportunity to broaden their education with rich, hands-on experiences and the full process of inquiry and discovery. Sophomores (fall semester), juniors and seniors from all STEM majors at The University of Arizona and Pima Community College are eligible to apply. We seek a smart, motivated and diverse group of students.  Applications are especially encouraged from women and students from groups traditionally underrepresented in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. 

Applicants must be U.S. citizens.

General Information
Information marked with * is required and strictly used for reporting use of NASA (federal) grant funds.
Student Information
Parent Contact Information
Local Address
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Experience and Education


Note: It is expected that all awardees be prepared to commit at least 160 hours to their Internship work during the academic year.

Mentor Request

Interns are matched with mentors/projects by the UA Space Grant Steering Committee. If you would like to request working with a specific mentor, name that person here. *Please note: identifying a mentor does not guarantee you will work with that mentor. In addition, identifying a mentor does not give you an upper hand in the application process compared to someone that does not identify a mentor.

If you propose to work with a specific mentor, that mentor must submit a Mentor's proposal/application form to the Space Grant Steering Committee. It is your responsibility to ensure your requested mentor has submitted a Mentor Application.

Tracking Agreement

A key measure of UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Internship Program success is made through tracking the accomplishments and whereabouts of program participants. As a federal grant program, continued support and funding requires documentation of program accomplishments. Tracking results must be provided to NASA and ultimately to Congress. To accomplish this, to apply for an Internship you must agree to the following:

If selected for UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Internship, I agree to keep program managers apprised on my current academic accomplishments and personal whereabouts including my current contact information. In addition, during the internship I agree to complete program evaluation forms in a timely manner, and complete subsequent (online) program tracking forms at least one time per year starting at the end of my internship, until such time as I leave UA, complete my current UA/Pima academic degree, and can document the "next step" in my academic or professional activities (i.e., enter graduate school or the workforce).