FY 2019 Space Grant Mentor Application Form

The University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant
Undergraduate Research Internship Program
Mentor Application 2019-2020

Application Deadline: July 5, 2019 at 11:59pm

Please read the Mentor Letter for more information.

Note: Space Grant Program support of any student is limited to one academic year.

General Information
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Funding Assistance
The UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Internship program works hard to engage the largest number of students possible. Each year, we are able to extend the internship funding base to a larger group of undergraduates through much appreciated financial assistance provided by mentors who are able to full-fund or split-fund their interns. Interns may work between 10 and 20 hrs/wk ($12.00/hr plus ERE). On average, they tend to work 13 hrs/wk. Thus, full-funding an intern for 30 weeks, at 13hrs/wk amounts to $4,758, while split-funding the costs amounts to $2,379. Please note that cost-share is not considered in either the ranking/selection of interns or in the process of matching those students to mentor projects.

In the first step of the review process, student applicants are ranked and selected on merit. In the second step, top ranked students are matched with best fitting mentor proposals. If you already have a student identified for this proposed project - and that student has submitted an Internship application - you can nominate that student to be matched to this project.

Any student nominated for split-funding must complete a student Internship Program application form. It is your responsibility to ensure your student nominee has submitted a Student Application.

Operating Systems

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