Eclipse Ballooning

Eclipse Ballooning Team
Tuesday, August 1, 2017

A day to remember for a lifetime! Sharing the total solar eclipse in the path of totality with awesome AZSGC students and colleagues from ERAU, ASU, Arizona Near Space Research, Prescott Astronomy Club, Mike Parker (Rincon Research) and his wonderful wife Carol (they had long-since arranged to view the eclipse from Nebraska but the viewing area and vicinity was under cloud cover so they drove to Glendo, WY and joined their AZSGC team), colleagues and friends was the most wonderful experience. Thank you all for your part in making an unforgettable great memory and a significant and productive day of learning, technology utilization and science! Yay team AZ!!!!! You are the BEST!!!!

Live footage from our camera was available for public viewing on a NASA sponsored website at 2017 Solar Eclipse Streams.

Please consider supporting the Eclipse Ballooning Project by donating to the National Space Grant Foundation's fundraiser!