Mount Graham and Large Telescopes

Don McCarthy

(520) 621-4079

Astronomer, Steward Observatory
Lecturer, Astronomy
Distinguished Professor, UA University Outreach

Dr. McCarthy has a passion for combining astronomical research and inquiry-based science education. He pioneered techniques for achieving high angular resolution at infrared wavelengths from both ground and space based telescopes by developing new techniques and instrumentation for interferometry, speckle imaging, active tip/tilt correction, and adaptive optics. With these tools, he initiated the direct detection of low mass companions to nearby stars, imaged the near-infrared emission from the Galactic Center source Sgr A*, examined the surface characteristics of asteroids, moons, and Kuiper Belt Objects, and recently detected atmospheric waves on Pluto. Since 1989, his Astronomy Camps have attracted teenage students, educators, schools, and general adults from around the world.


3-4 weeks advance notice required.

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