Statewide Symposium: Tips for Creating Your Abstract & Presentation

Symposium Preparation

The annual Statewide Symposium is an Arizona/NASA Space Grant event that includes students and faculty from The University of Arizona, Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, and community college affiliates. Space Grant students and teams present during the all-day symposium on a variety of topics.

Presenters must:

1) Submit an abstract before the symposium

2) Give a 7 minute PowerPoint presentation at the symposium

3) Prepare for ~1-2 minutes of questions from the audience once the presentation has finished

Find our tips on how to best prepare for this professional conference below.

Composing an Abstract

An abstract is a concise summary of your project that provides readers with the purpose and major ideas of your research.

Space Grant Symposium abstracts consists of only 150 words and need to address:

  • Your research problem and the question(s) you have been trying to address and your objective(s)
  • Summarize the methods / activities pursued to address the problem
  • Briefly summarize your results / accomplishments
  • Conclude with interpretations of those results and their significance

Download our Abstract Preparation Worksheet.

Download Example Abstracts from 5 Topical Areas.

Presentation Preparation & Delivery

Your 7 minute PowerPoint presentation needs to dive deeper into the research addressed in your abstract. Your presentation shoud include:

  • A statement of the problem, your questions, and objectives
  • An outline of your methods and analysis techniques
  • Results to-date and interpretations of their significance, use, and/or impact

Download our Presentation Preparation Notes.

Download our Practice Presentation Feedback Form.

2018 PowerPoint Presentations

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