Call for Abstracts: 66th International Astronautical Congress

Submit your abstract to NASA at no later than 11:59 p.m. EST on Friday, Feb. 20, 2015.

NASA announces its intent to participate in the 66th International Astronautical Congress, or IAC, and requests that full-time U.S. graduate students attending U.S. universities respond to this “Call for Abstracts.”

National Space Biomedical Research Institute's Graduate Education Program in Space Life Sciences

The National Space Biomedical Research Institute, or NSBRI, seeks solutions to health concerns facing astronauts on long missions. The institute′s research also benefits patients on Earth. This NSBRI-sponsored training program in space life sciences enables students to pursue doctorate degrees at Texas A&M University and to focus their research on space life sciences and fields related to the space initiative. Texas A&M currently is recruiting participants for fall 2015.

2015 NASA Academy

The NASA Academy offers a 10-week summer experience for college students with emphasis on immersive and integrated multidisciplinary exposure and training. Activities include laboratory research, a group project, lectures, meetings with experts and administrators, visits to NASA centers and space-related industries, and technical presentations. Students learn how NASA and its centers operate, gain experience in world-class laboratories, and participate in leadership development and team-building activities.

The sites for the NASA Academy include the following NASA centers:

University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs

The University Design Competition for Addressing Airport Needs offers broad challenge areas relating to issues facing airports that are excellent open-ended topics for capstone design classes, culminating projects or independent study. Undergraduates and graduates at U.S. colleges may participate as individuals or teams working under the guidance of a faculty advisor.


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