Bradley, Christine

Throughout my years in graduate school in the UA College of Optical Sciences program, I have been an active member of Women in Optics (WiO). WiO is club that focuses on the engagement and support of women in STEM fields that involves professional development and networking opportunities for the students in the college as well as opportunities for community outreach for underrepresented minorities in the Southern Arizona region.

Bergevin, Jenna

As a 2nd year physics graduate student with a strong background in education, I know first-hand that teaching science is difficult.  The motivation for my outreach project is to make teaching science less daunting for elementary school teachers.  My project consists of creating lesson plans for the Children's Museum Tucson that go along with their outreach programs.  Their Adventures to Go program visits schools and libraries to teach a lesson from a wide range of topics from space exploration to art.  For each one of their outreach programs, I am designing a set of science lesson plans tha

Adams, Danielle

The desert sky we see here in Tucson, Arizona, is the same desert sky that Arabs have observed for millennia. Two Deserts, One Sky is intended to bring the richness and depth of astronomy in ancient Arab cultures to modern awareness. This project for the first time presents ancient Arab astronomical traditions within their own cultural contexts, instead of fragmented within the confines of Greek-oriented modern astronomy.


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