NASA Postdoctoral Program Fellowships

The NASA Postdoctoral Program, or NPP, supports NASA's goal to expand scientific understanding of the Earth and the universe in which we live.

Selected by a competitive peer-review process, NPP fellows complete one- to three-year fellowships that offer scientists and engineers unique opportunities to conduct research in fields of science relevant to NASA.

Smallsat Technology Partnerships Solicitation

NASA is extending an opportunity to college and university teams to propose small spacecraft technology projects that they can conduct in collaboration with NASA researchers. The Smallsat Technology Partnerships solicitation is being issued by the Small Spacecraft Technology Program as an appendix to the Space Technology Mission Directorate’s NASA Research Announcement for 2015.

Lunch/Discussion with Rolfe Bode of World View

You are cordially invited and encouraged to take time-out from your crazy busy schedules to kick-back and to learn about something new and interesting with a renowned subject matter expert! UA Space Grant Alumnus Rolfe Bode (1994 Intern), has volunteered to lead a conversation with Space Grant students over a (program provided!!!) lunch in the Student Union’s Arizona Room.

FY 2015_Space Grant Mentor Application Form

The University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant
Undergraduate Research Internship Program
Mentor Application 2015-2016

Application Deadline: July 6, 2015

Note: Space Grant Program support of any student is limited to one academic year.

Department or Local Address
Funding Assistance
The UA/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Internship program works hard to engage the largest number of students possible. Each year we are able to extend the internship funding base to a larger group of undergraduates through much appreciated financial assistance provided by those of our mentors who are able to full-fund or split-fund their interns. Interns may work between 10 and 20 hrs/wk (9.50/hr plus 3.3% ERE). On average, they tend to work 13 hrs/wk. Thus, full-funding an intern for 30 weeks, at 13hrs/wk amounts to about 3,825 dollars while split-funding half the costs amounts to about 1,913 dollars. Please note that cost-share is not considered in either the ranking/selection of interns or in the process of matching those students to mentor projects.
In the first step of the review process, student applicants are ranked and selected on merit. In the second step, top ranked students are matched with best fitting mentor proposals. If you already have a student identified for this proposed project - and that student has submitted an Internship application - you can nominate that student to be matched to this project. Do you wish to nominate a specific student?

Note: Any student nominated for split-funding must complete a student Internship Program application form.

If you have nominated a specific student and he or she does not get selected for an Internship, would you be willing to mentor another student?
(for example, extragalactic astronomy, lunar prospecting, solar power, etc.)
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NASA History Program Office Fall 2015 Internships

The NASA History Program Office is seeking undergraduate and graduate students for fall 2015 internships. The History Program Office maintains archival materials to answer research questions from NASA personnel, journalists, scholars, students at all levels and others from around the world. The division also edits and publishes several books and monographs each year. It maintains a large number of websites on NASA history.

2014 NASA EONS Solicitation -- New MUREP ASTAR Fellowship Appendix

NASA's Office of Education is accepting new proposals under the Education Opportunities in NASA STEM, or EONS, 2014 NASA Research Announcement for the MUREP Advanced STEM Training and Research, or ASTAR, Fellowships appendix.

2014 NASA EONS Solicitation -- New MUREP Educator Institutes Appendix

NASA's Office of Education is accepting new proposals under the Education Opportunities in NASA STEM, or EONS, 2014 NASA Research Announcement. Proposals are being solicited from Minority Serving Institutions to plan, coordinate and evaluate MUREP Educator Institutes that will bring pre-service and alternative-route STEM educators from Minority Serving Institutions across the U.S. to NASA centers annually for a one-week professional development session.

2014 NASA EONS Solicitation -- New MUREP Other Opportunities Appendix

NASA's Office of Education Minority University Research and Education Project, or MUREP, is seeking proposals from U.S organizations and institutions that align with the four White House Executive Orders for Minority Institutions to strengthen curriculum and curricular pathways in STEM and to attract, retain and support the success of underrepresented students in STEM degree programs.

Major STEM Opp (G5-16 ) September 2015 - Student Experiments on Int’l Space Station

Announcing: Major (G5-16) STEM Opportunity for School Districts Starting September 2015 - Student Spaceflight Experiments Program - Mission 9 to the International Space Station


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