Space Grant Success Stories

National Space Grant Student Satellite Program

National Space Grant Student Satellite Program

The Arizona Space Grant Consortium is working to spearhead a National Space Grant Student Satellite Program. Across America, Space Grant students are learning from the ground up—literally—by designing, building, flying and operating a broad range of spacecraft. Students come to our programs with an interest in Space, but with different levels of skill, knowledge, and experience. Missions of growing complexity provide opportunities to acquire baseline skills and then to build on them. They range from the simple—building soda-can “satellites” or small payloads for launch from small rockets... Read more

Space Grant Internships Leads to Science Writing Dream Job and a Lot of Fun

In 1998-99, Thomas Stauffer was awarded a UA/NASA Space Grant Science Writing Internship at the Arizona Daily Star--Arizona's second largest newspaper. This experience led to the career of his dreams. Here is Tom's story:

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Intern Comes Full-Circle at UA

Intern Comes Full Circle at UA

Dante Lauretta was a University of Arizona/NASA Space Grant Undergraduate Research Intern in 1992. We knew we could expect great things from Dante. In 2000, after completing a Ph.D. from Washington University, and serving as a postdoc at Arizona State University, Dante was hired to the UA Department of Planetary Sciences/the Lunar and Planetary Laboratory--home department for Space Grant in Arizona. Dr. Lauretta's research interests focus on the origin and chemical evolution of the solar... Read more

Intern Designing the "New Space Shuttle" at Boeing

Intern Designing the "New Space Shuttle" at Boeing

Germán Fuentes, a 1999-00 Space Grant intern for Dr. Lesser graduated with a degree in Electrical Engineering in 2002. We were very pleased to receive a note from him this summer, to update us on his activities:

"I wanted to say thank you for the opportunity given to me 3 yrs. ago and... Read more